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Beauty Salon in Pakenham South Offering a Wide Range of Services

To enhance your beauty, you will need to visit a salon that offers a wide array of services. But if you are confused about where to head to, your search ends at Hair & Beauty by Deepawali, one of the top beauty salons in Pakenham South. Not only do we provide a broad array of services to our clients, but we also deliver results beyond their expectations. So, if you are looking to give yourself an attractive makeover or want to get your periodic requirements met by professional aestheticians, book a session with us without delay.You can choose the beauty treatment service in Pakenham South offered by us as per your requirements. But if you want to know more about them, this is where you can explore them at a glance. However, if you have queries about any of the services, feel free to reach out to us. Our professionals will brief you on the same.


Services We Offer at Our Beauty Salon in Pakenham South

At our beauty salon in Pakenham South, we offer various services that include
Head Massage
Our professionals will provide you with a relaxing massage that will help you get rid of the stress and strengthen the hair follicles.

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Shampoo Treatment
With our shampoo treatment, you can experience smooth and shiny hair. Besides, our professionals will apply high-quality shampoo to help you retain the lustre.

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Eyebrow Threading
With our threading service, you can retain the shape of your eyebrows and amplify the beauty of your face. Moreover, our professionals will perform the procedure safely.

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Hair Cut
Our professionals will perform haircuts as per your choice. So, if you have any preferences, you should discuss the same with our beauticians.
Waxing Face and Body
Our professionals carry out waxing of the face and body with precision and use the latest solutions to meet client’s needs.
Our facial service will provide you with the natural glow and skin rejuvenation required to look astounding. Besides, our beauticians apply high-quality facials based on skin type.
Our microdermabrasion treatment is ideal for tired and dehydrated skin. Besides, the procedure will help you get rid of acne and fine lines besides pigmentation and scars.
Hydro Microdermabrasion
The treatment is the same as the last one. The only difference is oxygen and steam water is used for skin exfoliation and hydration.
LED Treatment
In this treatment, our aestheticians apply LED light to help cure your skin from inflammation and help eliminate bacteria.
So, now that you know what our services are, you can book the one you think will suit you best.

Book Our Beauty Treatment Service in Pakenham South

To schedule our beauty treatment service in Pakenham South, call +61 416 888 312 or send an email to to book a treatment online.