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The Premium Hair Salon

Hair & Beauty by Deepawali is next to none as a hair salon in Melbourne and this can be attributed to our experience, the spotless records of customer satisfaction, and the affordability factor that we have been associated with. Since the start of our journey, the main motto of our service has been to ensure that our customers leave our salon 100% satisfied.That’s the reason, we have always emphasised on quality and that has been our chief driving force behind our success as a hair salon.

Why is our hair salon in so unique?

We have in our team some of the most experienced and qualified barbers who have in-depth knowledge about the latest hair cut styles. In fact, we have handpicked our barbers on the basis of their knowledge, experience, and expertise. Besides,

  • Our barbers are always gaining knowledge to come up with more innovative hair cuts and styles to ensure we can come up with cuts that are ahead of our times. This often helps us to be trend setters when it comes to cutting the hair of our customers.
  • We are caring, compassionate and always willing to listen to the aspirations and ideas of our customers, and are extremely flexible.
  • We have the best and the latest scissors and other tools and would maintain a very high standard hygiene and cleanliness for our customer’s safety.Thus, we are regarded as one of the cleanest and safest hair salon in Pakenham.
  • We will come up with solutions that will work best for your and your personality
  • Our associated services like shampooing and massaging makes us your one stop solution, if you are looking for a haircutting salon.
  • We are pretty affordable despite being amongst the best

Fix an appointment at the earliest

Do not delay then. Contact us at +61 416 888 312 and schedule and appointment Or you click the ‘Get Appointment’ option on our website to fill in all the details and fix an appointment online. You can email us at to fix an appointment online.