A Brief Account of Different Kinds of Body Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing is regarded as one of the most cost efficient as well as effective methods of removing unwanted or excess hair from your body. The method involves depilation, which involves removal of your entire hair shaft from beneath the surface of your skin. It is regarded as one the most effective methods of temporary removal of unwanted hair. Now, there are several types of waxing techniques that are practised by experts offering waxing in Pakenham. Of them, warm waxing is  one of the most popular ones that they tend to go for. However, there is more to it.  Let us on this page, discuss the different varieties of waxing for hair removal that are practised

Soft waxing for removal of hair

Soft waxing is also termed as strip waxing, as the method demands  a strip that is used to remove the hair from your body. The beautician at the beauty salon Pakenham will apply a very thin film of soft wax in the direction of your hair growth and will then immediately strip it off in the opposite direction, which will take all the hair off with it as it is drawn. 

Various types of Soft waxes used

  • Heated Soft Wax 

This variety of wax is mostly available in a port and needs to be softened by putting it in a microwave or a warmer. It is regarded as one of the most effective techniques of waxing. That is because, the heat that is used makes the wax spread out easily and it also softens your hair as well as the skin. It lessens the irritation significantly. 

  • Cold Soft Wax

In this method, Cold soft wax is directly taken directly from the port and is applied on the skin. Though it is a relatively more convenient option,  it is firmer. This means, having an even layer of wax is a bit difficult for the experts offering body waxing in Pakenham . There are many who would find cold soft wax to be more irritating than its hot counterpart. 

  • Pre-prepared strips

As the name suggests, these pre-prepared strips have the  wax pre= attached to them. This variety of waxing is not only convenient for use, but it is also economical. That is because, the chance of putting too much of the wax is not possible, and hence there is no wastage. Depending on the amount and the length of the hair that is being removed, the method may demand  multiple waxing strips to be used on a single area. However, the experts who are into body waxing in Pakenham would always preheat the strips prior  to using by rubbing them between their palms. This helps the wax to stick well properly to the hair. The method applied is pretty common. They would just place the strip on the area from where the hair has to be removed. Then the expert will pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair. 

So these are the various types of waxes that are used by the experts. If you are a first timer planning to have the unwanted hair of your body to be removed by waxing, get in touch with Hair & Beauty by Deepawali as we are the best. Call us at the earliest for an appointment.