Professional Eyebrow Threading

A Discussion to Address the First Timers’ Eyebrow Threading Woes

Eyebrow threading has always raised a lot of scepticism in the psyche of first timers. It is not that they turn up at a beauty salon oblivious to eyebrow threading facts, its ways, and whatever hiccups are associated with it. Still, the first timers will feel butterflies in their stomachs. And to add to their woes, there are a number of myths that make headlines, here and there. So it is high time to address their concerns and draw a realistic picture of what they are likely to face when they visit a beauty salon in Pakenham or elsewhere, depending on their location.

The Pain in Bearable

One school of thought says that it stings quite hard when things come down to eyebrow threading. That is a myth, and hence it is not true. Yes, as and when the eyebrows are uprooted, it stings. Yet, the pain is very much bearable. Thus, a first-timer does not have to be concerned about the story of ‘pain’ that has turned into folklore. If there is any pain that the first-timer feels, it is just bearable.

You will have to cooperate

You may be asked to pull your eyelids in opposite directions so that the skin gets taught and it is easier for the therapist to work on your eyebrows. They may do this themselves, or they may tell you to do so. If you are a first-timer, the professionals will explain what to do and why. This ensures eyebrow threading in Pakenham is not something to feel tensed or distraught about. The entire process is as seamless as it can be.

Wearing makeup is a strict NO-NO!

If any such stricture has been doing the rounds, this is at least not a myth! It’s true, and first-timers are advised to stick to it religiously. Experts offering professional eyebrow threading in Pakenham will always advise their patrons not to put on any makeup whatsoever, as eyebrow threading will cause the makeup to get smudged all over your face.

Being Ready for the Questions

You need to be prepared for the eyebrow threading specialist to ask what shape you want. This has nothing to do with whether you are a first timer or not. However, if you are a regular visitor, the professional offering eyebrow threading in Melbourne might get guidance by taking a hard look at the shape of your eyebrows. However, if you are a first-timer, this is a very common question, provided you do not entirely depend on the prowess of the professional and ask him or her to decide a shape for you depending on your looks and the structure of your face and jaws.

And, last but not least, the therapist at the eyebrow threading salon in Pakenham would ask you whether you want your eyebrows to be trimmed or not as that will determine the overall look and feel that your face and your personality will take, following the threading.

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