How Does a Professional Makeup Artist Conceal Acne Scars on Your Face?

If you go by the experience of the makeup artists, acne scars are the second hardest thing to cope with. There is no denial of the fact that these acne scars, if not treated, may take an eternity to fade. However, there are certain cosmetic vanities that are adopted by professionals that will help conceal them. Therefore, do not worry if you have acne scars on your face. Regardless of the type of scarring you have—from fiery red to black and flat from post-acne—professional makeup artists have ways to conceal them. Let us take a dig into the issue and discuss the steps that professionals take.

Step 1: Moisturising the skin

The professional makeup artists will use a lightweight moisturiser to moisturise the skin, to start with. It will actually barter the skin by providing it with hydration. These top-quality moisturisers will also help create a solid base for makeup products to glide, rather than sit on the skin. This increases the wearability of the moisturisers.

Step 2: Applying the primer

This is the second step that a makeup artist in Pakenham will take to conceal the acne marks. These primers will do a lot of things. From blurring the finest lines and pores to keeping the natural oiliness of the skin under control, they are a must-apply beauty product to be applied.

Professional makeup artists generally apply hybrid primers that come with black currant oil, vitamin C and niacinamide. All these ingredients help fade the acne scars as well as pigmentation.

They also use non-comedogenic primers that are manufactured with a unique barrier-boosting formula. It will act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, thus guaranteeing no makeup trace seeps into the skin pores.

If you have deep-rooted acne scars, the professionals will help by applying color-correcting primers to get a heads-up, when it comes to blurring out those stubborn and distinctive acne scars. All the top quality primers do not have any overpowering pigments. Thus, they never interfere with the foundation shade that is applied thereafter. These primers will only lend a tinge of hue to your face, which will help your complexion even out.

Step 3: Colour Correction 

Once your face has been prepped and primed, it is time for the makeup artist near Officer to opt for colour correction. Color correction is one of the best ways to hide acne scars, as it can hide even the oldest and most stubborn scars.

Technically speaking, colour correction is the mechanism of using contemporary colours to negate or eliminate any instance of discoloration.

The professional will start the makeup by taking a small quantity of colour corrector and applying it to the areas of your face that need coverage, by applying a dabbing motion. Once done, they will move on to the next step: applying the foundation

Step 4: Applying the Foundation 

Now the pros will use a full-coverage foundation that comes with a unique sebum-absorbing formula. It will keep your skin shine-free all along the day. It is available in multiple shades that complement every type of skin tone. For creating a flawless base, they will take a dime-sized amount and work it all over the face and neck. Then they will blend the foundation out evenly, using a stippling method, focusing on the areas where colour corrector has been applied.

Then, application of the concealer and powder will complete the entire process.

So these are the steps of concealing your acne scars during makeup, which a reputable makeup artist will take. What better name can you look for than Hair & Beauty by Deepawali? We are the best in the business.