Men’s Haircut Trends in 2024 That Are Worth Considering

Now that it’s 2024, it’s time to try out new hairstyles. If you are searching for hot trends, this is where you can get a vivid idea of the same. So, if you are ready to stand out, you should go through this blog. After that, if you are in Pakenham, you need to find the right salon and book an appointment with the stylist who will establish the style that you want. Now, without any further ado, let us delve into the trending hairstyles that are worth considering.

  • Textured Undercut

Though the undercut is a common style, 2024 is all about texture! Here, you will be keeping the back and the sides short and leaving the top longer which will give a textured appearance. However, to establish the style, the professional in the hair salon in Pakenham will need to resort to various cutting techniques. But if he can execute the style appropriately, rest assured that you will look cooler. Moreover, this style can go well with all types of face shapes. So, you can try it out without worrying!

  • The Modern Pompadour

This is another classic hairstyle that has been revamped. Here, you will have short sides and back with more hair at the top. However, the stylist will need to ensure that it is done with perfection so that you get a polished and elegant appearance.

It is one of the most sought-after hairstyles of 2024 since you can carry it at all places. Whether you are appearing for a business meeting or need to attend a party, you will get appreciation for your looks, that’s guaranteed!

  • The Crop Top

If you want to establish a ‘chocolate boy’ image, you need to get this men’s haircut in Pakenham done. This is a short and textured style that will give you a younger appearance. Also, this is a low-maintenance style that can go very well no matter what your face shape is.

Here, the stylist will keep the back and the sides short but keep the top length slightly longer. Most importantly, this style can be adapted to varying textures and lengths which makes it really versatile.

  • The Buzz Cut

In 2024, a brand new look is given to the traditional buzz cut. Now, self-expression and individuality are emphasised. From short to longer variations, hairstylists are making the look even more attractive by adding different fades and lengths.

Just like the crop top, the buzz cut is yet another low-maintenance style. It is perfect for individuals who prefer a clean and elegant look that they can carry in all places.

  • Retro Style with the Mullet

Lastly, the New Year trend that you need to consider is the retro style with the mullet. This is yet another example of a common style that has been reimagined. Here, the classic mullet will be included but with shorter sides and longer hair in the back.

To get going with any of these styles, you will need to book a session at a Pakenham men’s haircut salon that has a good reputation.

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