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Things Your Makeup Artist Will Never Tell You but You Should Understand

Getting prepared for your wedding? This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment or occasion for you that you want to make the most of. For you, it is no less than a fairytale. This is exactly why you look forward to dressing up as an angel and making everyone stare at you on the final day. In this journey of yours, makeup artists play a significant role. They can simply create magic. But at the same time, there are many untold secrets, invaluable tips, and unspoken thoughts that they want to share but cannot.

A makeup artist in Pakenham is an unsung hero, working day and night behind the scenes to transform flawless looks and Instagram-worthy beauty into action. But before you get ready to see the magic, learn about some hidden opinions and thoughts of makeup artists that they are eager to share with you but aren’t confident enough to do so. Look below now.

  • Fairness is Not Always Lovely

It is undoubtedly the truth that you are obsessed with light skin tones. If not all of you, there are many that you should now know. Though in recent times, it has been seen that people are embracing their complexions, many are still stuck with the overrated concept of fair and lovely. Many of you go to makeup artists and tell them that you want a light skin tone for your wedding, even if you have a dark complexion.

So, the makeup artists say that hiding your complexion is not the right way to embrace yourself on an auspicious occasion like a wedding. In fact, they say that no one should ever do it when everyone has the option of getting their dark complexion charmed up. Good makeup artists can actually make it happen to get you ready for your wedding!

  • Your Reference Image is Just a REFERENCE

Replicating your reference image is not the right way to flaunt yourself at your wedding. In fact, you cannot do so; a makeup artist can never make it happen, as it is impossible, even if you have the deepest desires. They can create a look similar to the image but can never replicate it. In this aspect, the reference images you get comprise models whose faces have been tuned up digitally to make them even more appealing.

So, good makeup artists say that not every kind of makeup suits every person, and the digital appearance cannot be achieved in real life. They are meant to work on your skin and make it even better with their magical hands if you let them do so by not getting fully influenced by the reference images.

  • Don’t Expect Freebees

Asking your makeup artist for free makeup for your guests or family members should be primarily avoided. By asking this, you are not only being impolite to them but also devaluing them and their work. For every person, there is a charge that they take, and they always should. Doing makeup is a critical job that takes up a lot of time, requires efficiency, and, most importantly, requires great hands and techniques.

So, if you have a good makeup artist to dress you and others up for your wedding, you should be thankful to them and pay them the money they want because they deserve it.

Now that you know what they want to share with you but aren’t confident enough to do so, make sure that you understand the above-mentioned facts and ask them the next time they work for you. Since your wedding is nearing and you will soon need a makeup artist near Pakenham, consider hiring the best one and getting ready with the finest appearance to mesmerise everyone.

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