Essential Guide to Maintaining Hygiene and Sanitation of Beauty Salon

Running a beauty salon can be rewarding and enjoyable, but it is crucial to ensure that sanitisation and hygiene are maintained properly. Contamination at a hair and beauty salon is not uncommon, and with the slightest negligence, you can spread diseases jeopardising the health of customers. That being said, maintaining a beauty salon in Pakenham is critical for the safety of clients and to ensure a positive experience.

So, consider the factors when running a salon that takes sanitisation and hygiene as their top priority:

Sanitisation Tips For a Clean & Germ-Free Salon 

Follow these tips like it’s your Bible!

  • Keep all the containers covered and sanitised after each use
  • Wash your hands before and after each hair & beauty treatment (better if you do it with an anti-bacterial disinfectant)
  • Always make it a point to use sterile towels for each customer
  • Wear clean uniforms (change the aprons after each session)
  • Sterilise each piece of equipment without fail

The best sterilisation practices are rather simple! Rinse them in an alcohol solution. Spray anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solutions before using them on a customer. Needless to say, clean all equipment and service them from time to time.

Pro Tip: In case, the client’s skin is cut, apply an antiseptic immediately. While doing facials, avoid pushing the cuticles back too far. Also, remember to not apply too much pressure at the base of the hair.

Hold Valid Licenses & Certificates 

Make sure your beauty salon in Pakenham South adheres to the strict industry standards and regulations. Also, make it a habit to invite customers to drop by the salon before scheduling an appointment. This will provide them with an overall idea of your cleanliness, professionalism and work atmosphere.

Carefully Observe the Staff Practices 

Not many salon owners know this, but observing the hygiene practices of the salon’s staff is crucial. A careful examination will help you spot if there are any red flags on the way! These include:

  • Are the staff wearing clean, tidy uniforms?
  • Are they properly sanitising beauty equipment (especially for haircutting)?
  • Does the salon feel welcoming the moment you step in?
  • Does the overall atmosphere at the salon smell of professionalism?

Only with thorough examination should you be operating a beauty salon in Pakenham. If any customer inquires about the sterilisation process, be happy to answer them.

Taking Cleanliness From The Customer POV

The importance of doing your own online research and looking for recommendations cannot be stressed enough. Pay attention to every minute detail, which includes the level of cleanliness, hygiene, and past customer testimonials. Look for a salon with a higher trust score. Seek advice from family, friends, and co-workers about their experiences at specific salons.

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